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Best swimsuit for my body measurements

Best swimsuit for my body measurements - They say the best way to get a beach body is to...get your bod onto the beach! It's 2021, and we've well and truly got bigger things to be worrying about than what our hip dips look like at the lido. (Spoiler alert, they look awesome.) Lizzo is our body-posi Queen of the times, reminding us with her rallying cry that we don't have time for body-shaming. No one should feel like they have to "balance their proportions" sculpt, minimise, conceal, or restrict their body for anyone else. But relationships with our bodies can be complicated, and sometimes shopping for swimsuits can feel a little daunting.

Everyone should wear what makes them feel the most happy, confident, and truly themselves. But if you're looking for a starting point for inspiration, we've rounded up some of the cutest styles that happen to look particularly brilliant on different body shapes, including bikinis, swimsuits, and modest swimwear.

Scroll through the gallery to find advice on the best swimwear for big boobs, small boobs, tummy support, apple-shapes, big bums, pear-shapes, hourglass figures, full-coverage and more.

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